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3 Ways to Help Convert Small Business Security Surveillance to the Cloud

When you're running your own business, a proper security system is important for protection and surveillance. Older security systems often relied on hard media like CDs, DVDs, and jump drives to record surveillance footage. Upgrading a security system to feature cloud connections is a great way to modernize your security and have footage available wherever you are. Once the conversion is complete, you will have the ability to run your security surveillance and have constant connections to the cloud. As you plan on converting to a cloud system, there are three ways to help with the process and make it go smoothly. 

1. Update Your Internet

A cloud surveillance system provides constant streams and distribution of security video feeds to multiple devices, like computers and tablets. When running a cloud system, you need to have high Internet speeds that can handle the transfer of content and ensure that there are no delays or glitches. The best way to achieve this is by upgrading the Internet speeds available for your small business.

An ideal Internet speed to consider is a T-3 line speed. This type of Internet connection can reach maximums of 45 megabytes per second, providing you with plenty of speed to stream video footage and upload clips to the cloud. As video footage is archived for your business, it can automatically get uploaded to a cloud and provide a full digital backlog of your surveillance.  

2. Utilize Office Shredders

Another big part of upgrading to a cloud system is getting rid of your old security footage and keeping it destroyed. By using a professional device like the Destroyit 4002 shredder, you can ensure that your old footage is disposed of once everything is uploaded on the cloud.

A professional shredder can do a lot more than just tear apart papers. It also has the ability to shred optical content like DVD discs. DVDs of surveillance footage can be fed through the shredder so that it is completely destroyed and left in small little pieces. The shredder can handle DVD after DVD, allowing you to easily dispose of materials while still giving you the ability to still recycle the content once it is all shredded. A shredder works to prevent the data from ever being recovered, ensuring that you have the extra data protection for your small business.

Additional documents, like old security passes or printed security screenshots, can also be put through the shredder. Once the conversion to cloud data is complete, the shredder can be used for everyday office needs, like regular document destruction. Consider machines like the Destroyit 4002 shredders

3. Consider Upgrades to Security System

As you upgrade to the cloud system, you can also upgrade your security system to have modern technology and features that work well with the cloud. One of the more basic upgrades you can make to the system is the use of IP cameras. These are wireless cameras that can be placed nearly anywhere in your business and that will connect automatically to your small business Wi-Fi network. Once connected to the cloud, the cameras can provide live streams and digital DVR controls through computers or devices like tablets.

You can also use a cloud security to monitor and operate a key card system. This type of system will assign employees key cards to access areas of the business like specific entrances, supply closets, or break rooms. By using the cloud technology, you can view a digital log of the key codes to help monitor employees and recognize any suspicious activities. This is a great way to add extra video surveillance and match key card use with specific video times.

When your business is closed, you can set up security alerts through the cloud system, as well. For example, a security camera may have motion detectors built into it. When the business is closed, these motion detectors can instantly alert you and start recording when any movement is detected. The cloud-connected videos can show you exactly what's going on and allow you to alert authorities if needed.

By planning everything out, you can ensure that your transition to a cloud-based security system goes smoothly.

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