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Skid Steer Attachments To Help With Your Land Cleaning Project

If you have recently purchased a large and open property that you intend to build a house on, then you need to clear the land first. This may be an incredibly difficult task if the property was used as a garbage dump by the previous owners. Simply put, you will need to remove the trash before you get to the serious excavating. A rented skid steer can offer the best assistance with this, as long you also rent the right bucket tools for the job. Keep reading to learn about the buckets that can assist you.

Scrap Demolition Bucket

If you notice vehicle parts, boulders, and other large scrap pieces that line the property, then you will need a scrap demolition grapple bucket to remove them. This type of bucket is a grapple variety that features jaws or teeth on the top that open and grip bulky objects. Most grapples will have a dozen or more tines on the top jaw to grip something. The bottom of the bucket will feature an open skeleton so rocks and other smaller objects can drop through. The grapple type of attachment offers material handling capabilities that a bucket cannot. A common bucket will not grip large objects. This can cause movement during transit and the possible tipping of the skid steer. This can happen without exceeding the safe working load or tipping load of the machine due to the poor grip. 

A typical grapple with immovable tines or jaws can cause the slippage of oddly shaped objects during transit as well. This is why a special demolition grapple is best. This type of device features two separate jaws that are each made out of two large tines. The jaws sit on the top of the grapple and are attached to the hydraulic system of the skid steer. This allows for the control of the jaws. A typical demolition grapple will also have teeth on the sides and lower part of the bucket to help with gripping. When you need to pick up an object, the large jaws can be closed on it with 3,600 PSI. The grip will stabilize the object so it can be moved elsewhere. 

Crusher Bucket

If large boulders are seen on the property mingled in with garbage debris, then these rocks will need to be removed too. Often times, dirt, boulders, and rocks can be placed in dump trucks and moved offsite for you during the excavation. If you do the work yourself, then you are looking at a cost up to about $35 for the disposal of each cubic yard of debris. These costs may be a bit higher or lower depending on where you live. 

While dirt mixed with a variety of different contaminants may need to be removed and replaced, boulders and rocks can typically be recycled and used as a solid substrate base placed underneath clean fill dirt. The best substrate consists of gravel, and a crusher bucket can help you create this useable gravel. The type of bucket is meant to attach directly to the boom arm part of the excavator, so make sure this arm comes with the device you rent. 

The bucket allows you to pick up rocks and other debris and teeth inside will crush and break up the material. Different sized teeth can be acquired for the bucket, so speak with your construction equipment rental business about your needs. If boulders are too large to be handled by the crusher, you may also need a hydraulic breaker tool attachment. This type of device is typically used for concrete, but it can break up rock material as well. It looks much like a jackhammer that can be attached to the front of the skid steer. Use the breaker first and then feed the rocks into the crusher to create your gravel. 

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