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Tips For Planning A Safe Night On The Town

Consuming alcohol is a common way to enhance your party mood when you are out and about on the town partying. However, when you are out drinking it is important to make sure that you arrange for transportation to take you home so you do not break the law and cause a potentially fatal accident. If you know for sure that you will be imbibing alcohol when you go out, take some time to make sure your evening is a safe one by arranging for a taxi service to drive you around and heed the following health and safety tips

Call Ahead

If you know what time you be leaving to depart for your evening destination, make reservations with the taxi service a few hours ahead for taking you to the club or picking you up at the end of the night. Some services will arrange for the same employee to be your driver for the evening.

In addition, some taxi companies have online reservation systems so you can arrange your travel without needing to make a phone call. Do not forget to look around the website for coupons or deals for new customers.

You should be able to choose from a variety of vehicles, from sedans to mini-vans, which will be helpful if you plan on going out with a group of people. If your destination is a black-tie event, you may be able to request a luxury sedan or limo service. For more information, contact a cab company like Yellow Cab.

Drink Water and Eat

In order to help yourself stay lucid on the way home and avoid having an accident in the taxi service vehicle, prepare ahead. If you are going to a private event, pack a bottle of water with you in an evening bag or your coat pocket to consume before you leave the premises at the end of the night.

If you are in a nightclub, ask the bartender for a glass of water before you leave. The water will help you re-hydrate. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, ridding your body of needed water.

Do not drink different types of alcoholic beverages to avoid an upset stomach.

Eat a big dinner before you go out drinking. If there is food at the event or nightclub, make sure to eat throughout the evening as you consume alcohol. The food will help slow the absorption of liquor into your bloodstream.

Travel With a Group

While you may be itching to go out drinking and dancing and are considering going alone, avoid going solo and take friends with you. If you have friends in tow in a club, you will not be as vulnerable to strangers harboring ill-intent and getting hit on by unwanted suitors.

When you stick with your friends, you can also have trusted people watch over your drinks when you are on the dance floor. Hanging out with friends can also help you avoid making dangerous decisions such as using drugs, participating in drinking games or getting into verbal altercations with strangers.

Let your friends know beforehand that you want to pace yourself and not get drunk until you pass out. Your friends will also be able to help you contact the taxi service for pickup at the end of the night and identify your ride in the chaos of crowds leaving the venue.

Prepare For the Morning After

Once your taxi driver gets you home safe and sound, you should take a few minutes to take care of yourself before collapsing into bed.

In order to lessen the chances of waking up with a terrible hangover drink some water and keep a glass of it next to your bed so you can sip some when you wake up.

Take B and C vitamins to help lessen the pain from a hangover induced headache. Avoid taking aspirin and acetaminophen pain relievers. Your liver is already under stress from the alcohol and acetaminophen has been linked to liver damage. Aspirin will thin your blood and may cause bleeding in your stomach.

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