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3 Box Truck Rental Add-Ons To Help A Single Person Move Easier

Moving on your own means that you may not have resources or manpower to help complete tasks and get the move done with ease. If you're renting a box truck to help with the move, then there are a number of different extras that you can take advantage of. Each of these add-on details will make it easy for you to complete the move on your own and get settled into your new place as quickly as possible. A truck rental company can have each add-on fully prepared for you when the truck is rented.

Towing Package

When renting a moving truck, it can get complicated as you attempt to drive the truck and access your personal vehicle at the new location. Instead of wasting gas and mileage driving the rental truck back and forth, you can rent a truck with a towing package installed. The towing package allows you to connect your personal vehicle directly to the truck and take it along for the ride at your new location. This can help save a lot of time and give you access to your vehicle to run small errands or purchase meals while you're emptying out the truck. Once the rental is complete, rental companies may offer a truck pick-up option so you do not need to transport the truck back and have to find a ride.

Lift Gates

If you're moving on your own, one of the hardest parts of completing the move is actually getting items inside of the truck. One of the best ways to complete all of the heavy lift is with a lift gate. The lift gates are power-controlled devices that operate with a push of a button. Lift gates can lower flush to the ground for easy access and also make it easy for unloading items out of the truck. This is a great way to pack large appliances, furniture, and heavy boxes into the truck. By using a dolly to roll the furniture out to the truck, a lot of the tasks can be completed without the need of assistance or any heavy lifting. When renting a truck, be sure to ask for a specific model that uses a lift gate rather than an access ramp or some type of manual method.

Moving Accessories

As you plan an independent move, there are a number of accessories that can help you along the way. Instead of purchasing these accessories directly, they can be included as part of your truck rental. One thing that can help with the move is furniture pads. Ensure that your cargo is protected with thick pads used to prevent dings and scratches. The pads can be laid out across the bottom of the moving truck or draped over them so that the furniture doesn't press into each other and cause damage. Along with pads, furniture sliders can make it easy to push or pull pieces of furniture to different locations.

Move boxes easier and faster by including hand trucks with your rental. A hand truck features two large wheels and a base that makes it easy to carry boxes and roll them out of a residence. This can speed up the moving process and also make it easier to unload items from the truck when using it in conjunction with a lift gate. Some hand trucks feature motorized wheels that can assist you as you are moving boxes and cargo. The power wheels can also help guide you up a ramp and into the back of a truck without using too much strength. The base of the hand truck can also feature a power lift that is similar to a forklift. For example, you can place boxes flat on the bottom of the hand truck and then raise the base so that the boxes rise up and are easier to transport.

Moving on your own is hard enough as it is, but these box truck rental extras can make the process a lot easier and help eliminate many frustrations.

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