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How To Create A Garden Oasis On Your Apartment Patio

Apartment living comes with a variety of benefits to take advantage of, most notably that you have a management team to take care of repairs and maintenance when necessary. But when it comes to personal outdoor space, apartment life doesn't always cooperate. While you likely have plenty of outdoor communal space to enjoy, you may need to create your own personal garden space to get the privacy you want. Here is how you can create a private garden oasis on your patio and effectively extend your apartment's personal outdoor space to enjoy:

Install an Ivy Privacy Screen

You can easily establish some privacy on your patio by installing faux ivy privacy screen around the perimeter's exterior framing. Faux ivy screen is eco-friendly, easy to install, and can be taken down without damaging your patio. You should be able to attach the faux privacy screen to the roof and floor framing using thin wire and a pair of pliers. Once installed, your patio will have new garden walls that optimize privacy as well as keep wind and rain out. And although your walls will be lush, they'll require no fertilizing, watering, or special care to maintain a vibrant look and feel. Install your faux ivy in sections so you can easily replace a piece if it gets damaged in some way.

Incorporate Texture and Color

After you have installed your privacy screen around the porch, you'll want to spiff the space up with both texture and color to ensure that the environment is one that you will enjoy spending time in regularly. Infusing color into the space is important because it has the ability to affect your mood, and adding texture will increase comfort.

In terms of color, ask your landlord if you can paint the porch's trim and flooring. They may be willing to allow a paint if you're willing to pay a small deposit or paint it back to its natural color before you move out. In addition to or in place of painted trim and flooring, incorporate an area rug into the space that features abstract designs for added color and texture. Painting your porch furniture and including throw pillows, tapestries, and table centerpieces are also great color enhancement and textural option.

Consider the following options when creating your color scheme:

  • Hues of blue will help keep blood pressure levels healthy and create a relaxing, stress-reducing atmosphere.
  • Shades of red tends to raise energy levels and encourage excitement.
  • Yellow highlights can invoke joy and happiness into the space and some peace of mind.

You can infuse two or three color options to create an invigorating private garden space to enjoy, but use your color scheme against a neutral base color, such as beige or off-white, to ensure that the colors aren't too overwhelming to your senses.

Introduce Garden Accents

Finish your private garden project off with the help of a few garden elements, like plants and a water feature of some kind. Hanging plants from the rafters and placing them on side tables will provide some extra depth and color for your space overall. Some houseplants, such as peace lilies and weeping figs, will even filter and clean your private garden's air. Consider growing some food on your porch too – cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and even strawberries should do well in lower light situations.

Introducing a small water fountain on a table or floor within your new garden space will increase its oasis feel, keep the air moist so your skin doesn't chap in dry weather, and help your plants filter the air and keep it free of contaminants. Your new water fountain will also aid with stress-relief and relaxation thanks to its soothing sounds.

Once your new private garden oasis is ready for use, personalize the space with family photos, vacation memorabilia, and some of your favorite artsy nick-knacks. For more information, talk with an interior designer or supplier of privacy fencing and faux ivy.

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