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4 Reasons To Have A Custom Pond Liner Fabricated Instead Of Working With A Standard Roll

When most business owners decide to have a water feature installed to add a little natural beauty to their company's property, they hire a team of installers to cut and seal together sheets of rubber or plastic pond liner cut from a standard sized roll. However, paying a pond liner manufacturer to cut and form a custom shell for the pond is a far smarter option, even when it costs more. Find out how a custom shaped liner provides a more reliable pond that won't create headaches for your business in the future.

Tighter Seams

For most rubber liners, the installers must use a special tape or a hot welding gun to close up all the seams where flat material is cut to conform to the curves of a three-dimensional pond. These seams can leak from the beginning or start seeping out water after years of establishment, resulting in soil erosion and flooding that threatens the rest of your landscaping and even your company's building. In contrast, custom liners are shaped by the manufacturer and the seams are welded in the workshop instead of on the job site where dust and humidity can interfere with the seal.

Fewer Folds

Aside from durability, the seams made by the manufacturer involve less folded material than the tucks made in a large sheet liner shaped in place. Extra folds, corners, and tucks all create hiding places for debris and waste. If you plan to keep fish or aquatic plants in your pond to add a little life to the water feature, these pockets of waste can ruin your water quality and are difficult to find for thorough cleaning. A custom shaped and seamed pond liner is smoother and easier to clean with a pond skimmer and a scoop net.

Easier Installation

Concerned about having a crew moving dirt and plants around for weeks on end as the pond is dug and lined? Keep your business running smoothly by limiting interruptions caused by the installation of your new water feature. A pre-formed welded liner allows you to trim down time spent on tasks like

  • Rolling out, measuring, and cutting the straight lengths of liner
  • Cutting and sealing seams along sheet edges and in all the various corners and edges
  • Finding and filling voids under the liner caused by loose soil and erosion.

Installation times vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the pond, but a finished liner only takes a few hours to unroll and smooth into place, instead of the days required for working with flat sheets of material.

Less Waste

Concerned about how much material you'll need to order to cover an unusual shape? If you're creating a kidney or pear-shaped pond for a more natural look, you could end up ordering hundreds of square feet of liner you don't actually use after all the edges are trimmed down. By giving the dimensions to the manufacturer, you end up with a liner precisely cut to fit with no waste left over for you and your pond installers to haul away. The manufacturer keeps the cut offs and can immediately reuse or recycle them.

More Attractive Design

Finally, a box welded custom pond liner is downright essential when you're planning a dramatic and attractive reflecting pond. A regular liner is simply too lumpy, wrinkled, and seamed to create a beautiful and smooth bottom for this kind of pond that is examined up close. Whenever you're not planning to add a lot of sand and rock to cover the liner, a pre-formed liner is the best option since it's going to be visible for years to everyone who views the water feature.

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