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Tips For Managing The Mail At Home

Paper mail is one of the biggest sources of clutter in many households. The mail you receive at home can easily take over your living space if you don't handle it in an organized fashion. The following tips will help you manage your paper mail, to prevent paper advertisements and bills from cluttering your coffee table, shelves and work desk.

Opt Out of Junk Mail

Junk mail is a big source of the paper that people receive through the post. Fortunately, U.S. residents enjoy an "opt out" service. If you decide to opt out of junk mail, you'll need to choose whether or not you'd like to opt out for the next 5 years, or permanently. Either way, you can read about this service on the website of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Set Up a Filing System

One of the reasons that mail turns into clutter in many people's homes is because many people have nowhere to put old mail. Setting up a filing system gives you a place to put your mail in a place where it can be easily sorted, stored and managed. When setting up your filing system, divide your mail into three categories:

  • Correspondence. Letters, newspapers, magazines and anything that needs to be read will be put into this category.
  • Bills. Anything that needs to be acted on or paid, from utility bills to magazine subscriptions, should go in this category.
  • Filing. Mail that needs to be kept will be put into the filing category filing.

Set Aside a Day and Time for Mail Purge

Set aside a day and time for sorting and destroying mail that has accumulated in your filing system. This may be once per week, once per month, or on whatever schedule works best for you.

Make Shredding Easy

To complete your mail filing system, keep a shredder plugged in for use near your mail filing system. Use the shredder to destroy any old bills once they're paid.

Pick the Right Filing Container

Use mailing containers or set of drawers to hold mail in each category. Mailing containers have the advantage of being very lightweight and sturdy. If you plan to collect a lot of mail in your filing system before sorting and destroying old mail, mailing containers will be able to hold a lot of mail without becoming warped by the weight of the paper. If you plan to sort and destroy old mail on a frequent basis and won't be accumulating mail in large quantities, a small set of drawers may be more appropriate. To learn more, speak with a business like Chicago Mailing Tube Co.

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