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Modern Belly Dancing: A Hip New Trend

Belly dancing is becoming a more and more popular style discipline, whether it be for those looking for fitness or fun. Many people don't fully understand exactly what modern belly dancing is. They have an outdated view of what it looks like. Modern belly dancing is much quicker and more upbeat than the traditional, slow dancing that you might imagine. In fact, it can even serve as a fun workout and a great way to get your abs in shape. This hip dance is traditional and modern at the same time!

The History of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing originated in the Middle East or North Africa (the verdict is still out on its true origin). One thing is for sure, it rose to prominence in France. This exotic new dance was introduced to Parisians via Algerian immigrants. This is just one aspect of their rich North Africa culture that immigrants brought with them when they moved. This exotic movement was originally a social dance, but it became more of a performance art, especially to Western Europeans who were in awe of the dancers' skills.

Traditionally, the aim of belly dancing is to isolate the torso (belly) and create fluid movements while keeping the rest of the upper body as still as possible. The trick was that good belly dancers could isolate their belly movement without looking rigid or awkward. The best belly dancers could perform smooth movement to create an overall aesthetic that was classy, sexy, and serpentine at the same time.

The Future of Belly Dancing

When belly dancers first came to the United States, they incorporated other modern dance styles into their acts. For instance, image a belly dancer fusing their craft with jazz in a smokey 1950s jazz club. Turkish and Middle Eastern immigrants in mid-century America brought their traditional dance into a raucous, hip atmosphere.

This trend continues today with modern dancers incorporating their moves with hip hop. The truth is, there are strict traditionalists when it comes to belly dancing. However, there is really no right or wrong way to dance, as long as you are having fun. Since it is a low impact dance (that is, there is not much jumping up and down), it is a great workout, especially for your stomach and back muscles.

Find a class and go have some fun! You can try something new, burn some calories and have a blast with your friends. For more information, contact a professional like Vanessa Bellydancer Miami.

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