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Storage Tips To Protect Your Bicycle

In a perfect world, every day would be an awesome day for cycling. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Additionally, depending on where you live, you might have to go an entire season without enjoying time on your two wheels. To keep your bike in excellent condition, it's vital you store your bike the right way. Before you put your bicycle up, learn what storage tips you should keep in mind. 

Cover Up

Ensure you cover up your bicycle beforehand. You don't want to store the bicycle in an area where it will be exposed. When you store the bike in the open, you leave it vulnerable to all sorts of damage. Visit a bicycle shop to find a cover option that is sized especially for your size bicycle. If the cover is too small or too large, it won't be as effective at protecting the bike.

Turn Upside Down

Store the bicycle in an upside-down position. You should always store your bike in this position when you plan to store the bike for a long period of time. The reason storing the bike in this position is so helpful is that it keeps the extra pressure of your tires. If you store the bike in the upright position, there is a good chance that the tires will be in poor condition by the time you take the bike out of storage.

Climate Control

Always store the bicycle in a climate-controlled area. You never want to store the bike in an area that is too cold or too hot. In terms of cold air, the cold temperatures can lead to condensation around the tubes that line the bike. When it comes to metal, any level of built-up moisture always leads to a problem. In this instance, you can expect rust to form along the bike.

Tune Up

Give the bike a tune-up before you place it into storage. With regular use, the chains and cables can dry out. When you pair prolonged exposure to cold air with unlubricated chains and cables, the pieces can actually deteriorate and completely fail. As a result, when you try to use the bike again, you'll need to replace each of these parts. A good tune-up before storage will lubricate all the elements of your bike. 

Follow these tips to ensure your bicycle comes out of storage in the same manner that you place it inside in. However, in the event you have questions about the condition of your bike or your efforts still result in damage, take your bike to a repair professional as soon as possible. 

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