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3 Reasons To Hold Your Next Birthday Party In An Escape Room

Are you tired of celebrating your birthday with something cliched like dinner and a movie? Have you been looking for ideas that are more interesting, possibly even exciting? Whether you're turning fourteen or forty, birthday celebrations can be a big deal for a lot of people and they want to be able to find new and different ways to celebrate. One of the newest, and possibly best, ways to do this is by taking your birthday group to an escape room. If you've never heard of an escape room before, here are the answers to some questions you may have:

What is an escape room? When you have your birthday party in an escape room, you and your friends will be locked in a room and assigned a series of riddles or puzzles to solve based on a certain storyline. The exact story will depend on the location you're at but can be anything from escaping a sinking ship to solving a murder mystery or trying to find hidden treasure. You'll be given a time limit, usually about an hour, and will need to unravel the clues before the time is up.

Why an escape room? If you like mysteries and puzzles, then having a birthday party in an escape room will make for an extremely memorable experience. Instead of going to see a mystery or an action movie which means sitting passively, you'll actually be part of the mystery itself. Since it's a group activity, this can be a great way to bond with your closest friends on the most important day of the year. Even if you don't actually solve the mystery and find the key, you'll take home an experience that everyone will be sure to remember and talk about for years.

How many people can be in the party? Depending on the scenario and the location, a single room may be booked for anywhere between five and twenty people. If you have more people coming to your birthday party, the escape room location will allow you to split up into teams. The team that gets the fastest time or the team who solves the most clues would then be the winner. If you don't want to compete directly, you could also ask to have each team solve a different scenario. Once everyone is out, everyone can share what they learned and how far they got towards solving the whole puzzle. Visit an escape room location, such as Unreal Escapes, to learn more. 


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