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3 Tips For Arranging For Commercial Window Cleaning Services for Your Practice

Opening up a medical practice is a big step in your career, and renovations are often necessary to help create the ideal environment for your patients. Now that the dust has cleared, it is time to finish out the final preparations for getting the building ready for business. Commercial window cleaning is an essential part of your building maintenance plan, and clean windows send an instant impression to the people who come to your practice that you and your staff take sanitation and hygiene seriously. 

Clear window glass also creates a more comfortable experience for your patients who may enjoy having a view of the outside world while they receive their services. These three tips will help you arrange for window cleanings that preserve your building and help you establish a positive reputation within the community.

Mention the Recent Construction

Although the construction team likely did their best to protect the windows, it is common for some residue to be left behind after a major renovation. Paint, putty, and other materials can sometimes drip onto the glass and dry before the crew can wipe it up. Post-construction window cleaning safely removes these materials so that they don't detract from the view. This service can also include cleaning the window screens, tracks, and seals so that debris does not impact their functioning.

Think About the Interior Glass

For the best results, the interior glass also needs to be cleaned regularly. Depending upon the window placement, you can expect that people in the building might occasionally touch the glass. Fingerprints, dust, and other types of grime can cause people to wonder about your practice's attention to detail. While your staff might clean the inside on a regular basis, professional cleaning crews can hit the high spots that are harder to clean.

Establish a Schedule for Regular Cleanings

The initial window cleaning is just the first step toward establishing clear, beautiful glass. Once that is done, you will also want to make a plan for scheduled cleanings. The right schedule for your building will depend upon things such as its exposure to weather, such as rain, that can cause the windows to get dirty faster. You may also need the interior windows cleaned more or less often than the outside. Your window cleaning crew can help you develop a plan that allows for the windows to get clean without you having to think about it constantly. 

For more information about commercial window cleaning, contact a professional. 

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