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Attached Vs. Standalone — Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Sign Styles

Business signs are vital for retail businesses and those that rely on customers finding them in person. But when you choose outdoor signs, you have many options to decide upon. One of the first and most important is whether to install a standalone sign or attached signage. Each style has its merits, and each has drawbacks. To find the right style and mix for your business, here are a few of these pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Standalone Signs

A standalone sign is simply one that's not permanently attached to your building's structure. It's often placed near the roadway or in a main parking lot for added visibility. This reflects a standalone sign's biggest "pro" — flexibility about placement. This style can be aimed in the best possible way to reach customers, placed close to road or pedestrian traffic, and angled where you need it. Also, you're not limited by the size or parameters of your building. 

Standalone signs, though, may be more expensive as they require their own dedicated installation and support network. You're more likely to run into city or landlord limitations with this type of sign as opposed to signs strictly on your building. 

The Pros and Cons of Attached Signs

Attached signs are often more budget-friendly and may be an easier, quicker installation. Because they are located directly on the building — usually over or near the main entrance — they also serve to direct customers straight to your front door. For this reason, they may double as part of your exterior decor, saving some money in your overall branding budget. 

Not all businesses benefit the most from attached signs, though. If your business is tucked away or in an unexpected location, this may not be visible enough to catch people's eye as they pass. A lot would depend on the size of the signage, of course, but it's an obstacle that detached signs don't face as often. 

How to Find the Right Style

Clearly, your location, budget, and goals are big factors in deciding on the right sign styles. And some businesses benefit from opting to spread out their budgets to accommodate a sign of each type. The best way to form your own strategy is to consult with an experienced sign company in your area. Together, you can find the mix that will draw in the customers you want within the budget you need. 

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