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What Does "Hiring Drivers" Mean?

In truth, this could mean a variety of things! All sorts of businesses need drivers for different reasons. Especially now, as more and more businesses turn to delivery models during the pandemic. Here's a brief outline of some of the types of jobs that drivers are needed for.

Truck Driving

In most cases, this is about semi-truck (also known as 18-wheelers) driving and will require a special type of driver's license. It's okay if you don't have one, many trucking companies will help you get a license. This category is very broad, as truck drivers handle all kinds of cargo. Soda trucks, ice trucks, bakery trucks, and similar types of vehicles do regular routes and, in many cases, those types of jobs will have you home every night. There are long haul jobs that will take a few days or a week, but even so, most jobs of that type make sure that you're home for weekends. There are also all kinds of jobs in between- you can pick the kind of job that's right for you. Whether you need a very regular and rigid schedule, or whether you just kind of want to get out and see the country (and get paid to do it!) you can find the trucking job for you.

Food Delivery

Many of these jobs are in the pizza industry, specifically, but not all of them. They do not require a special license, but you will likely have to have a check run on your driving record. Some places will require that you have your car inspected. Rarely, you will be able to use a company car. Often your earnings are based on how many deliveries you manage to take- the more deliveries you make, the more tips you receive. You will likely be using your own vehicle for this type of job, so you'll want to set aside some of your earnings to keep up with basic maintenance, and it's a good idea to make sure your spare tire is in good shape. In many cases, you will also be expected to do in-store work and may also need to have a food handler's license.

Parts/Supplies Delivery

In many cases, you'll be acting as something of a runner for the business in question. Medical supply places often need drivers for this type of work, as do auto parts supply stores, and others. You may be running supplies between businesses or to residences, depending on the needs in question. It is more common to be able to do this work in a company car, but that's hardly universal. This is more seldom a tipped job, but the wages are often higher than food delivery. Additionally, if you're driving a company car, you won't have to worry nearly so much about doing your own vehicle maintenance.

App-Based Driving

This is a pretty varied category. Like with food delivery, you will be using your own vehicle. There's a lot you can do in this category. You may go for a ride-share app, where you pick people up and drop them off at their destination. Often ride-share apps will require that your vehicle be relatively new, but how new can vary based on the app. There are also grocery shopping apps, where you can do people's shopping for them. You will take their list to the grocery store and pick out the items they need, purchase them (generally with a card given you by the app) and then take them to the house of the customer, dropping them off. Food delivery by app is very similar. You will often (but not always) put in the order, wait for the food to be ready, and then pay for the food with the card you were issued and take it to the customer. Most of these types of jobs offer you some amount of payment for doing the work, and you will also be tipped. Because you can do these when you have free time, they're really good for a second job, though plenty of people have been able to make a living doing these jobs full time.

To learn more information about driving jobs, reach out to a professional near you.

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