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Tips For Businesses That Rely On Silicone Molds

Silicone molds can be among the most effective solutions for businesses that are needing the ability to rapidly cast items. While it is possible to make custom silicone molds, businesses may not follow the best practices when it comes to making or maintaining these molds.

Ensure The Molds Are Properly Cured Before Using Them

After the molds have been created, it is imperative to allow them to fully cure before you attempt to use them. Failing to allow them to cure can result in them suffering significant problems. For example, the mold may be sticky or malleable if it has not been allowed to cure. The amount of curing time that is needed will depend on the thickness of the mold. You can help to expedite this process by investing in a curing system that can more rapidly harden the silicone mold.

Properly Store The Silicone Molds When They Are Not Being Used

It is common for businesses to need to use their silicone molds repeatedly or even on a regular basis. While silicone molds can be extremely durable, they will need to be properly stored. In particular, you will want to avoid storing these molds near strong sources of heat as this may cause the silicone to soften. As a result, it can warp, which may make the mold less effective or even completely unusable for your purposes.

Thoroughly Clean The Molds After Using Them

Keeping the silicone molds clean will need to be a high priority. Mold designs that have small grooves in them can be particularly difficult to clean. However, you will want to invest the time in thoroughly cleaning the molds after each use — otherwise, dust, small debris and other materials could create problems when you are attempting to use the silicone mold. When cleaning the silicone mold, you should only use gentle cleaning agents that are safe for use on silicone. Extremely acidic cleaners could actually degrade the silicone by causing it to become too brittle.

Silicone molds can be extremely common for industrial projects. Businesses may need to have these molds custom made, so mistakes with the process of making these molds or caring for them will need to be avoided. To this end, understanding the need for the silicone mold to fully cure, the type of storage conditions these molds will require and the steps for effectively cleaning them can all be essential when making and using silicone molds.

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