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4 Benefits Of Tower Painting

Electrical towers are important for many businesses, but like any part of your company, they require regular attention to keep them in good condition. One of the best ways to maintain your electrical towers is with paint. If you would like to learn more, keep reading to learn about four benefits to tower painting.

1. Protection Against Rust

Metal is a durable material, but when it is left exposed to rain, snow, and hail, it can start to rust. Rust weakens the metal structure, increasing the risk of parts breaking, especially when weight is applied.

During the hotter months, heat from the sun may worsen the rust process. Therefore, by the time the winter snow falls, the tower may be too weak to support the excess weight. A good coat of protective paint, however, acts as a shield to better protect the metal. Eventually, the paint will need to be replaced to continue to protect the metal.  

2. Prevents Pest Infestations

On the ground level, pests may not pose a problem for towers, but if they can climb the tower, they can reach the apex. There, they may cause damage by gnawing on wires or building nests. Pests can be aggressive, so cleaning out nests and repairing damaged wires can become time consuming and costly.

Instead, prevent the risk of pests by painting the tower. When the tower is painted, any old residue is removed, and the paint is applied as a smooth, sleek surface. With no flaking paint or bumpy texture, pests are less capable of climbing the tower.

3. Hinders Electrical Interference

Electrical towers are all about receiving and sending electrical messages. However, exposure to other electrical interference can cause problems with how the tower works. If your tower is painted and protected, it isn't able to pick up on this electrical interference.

However, exposed metal is a great conduit for electricity, so an unpainted tower is more likely to pick up electrical interference. At the end of the day, this will make your tower less effective. People who rely on it may experience outages or unpredictable service. If you rely on the electrical tower for data readings, electrical interference may skew the results.

Last, if the tower is exposed to too much electrical interference, it can cause the system to burn out faster or break down more often. Therefore, you will need to spend money more often on repairs and replacement.

4. Limits the Risk of Accidents

Electrical tower are tall, but as long as they are maintained, they shouldn't pose much of a safety risk unless someone trespasses and tries to climb the tower. However, if the tower is left to rust and it collapses, it can cause major damage and harm. Not only could it hit and hurt a human, but it may cause damage to the local ecosystem, especially if it destroys dens and nests on its way down.

Similarly, even if your tower is maintained, it could pose a risk to low-flying aircraft if it isn't painted. A non-painted tower blends in with the background, making it harder to see. By painting it, you make it stand out for better visibility, especially at night. In many cases, the paint is also reflective to boost visibility further.

An electrical tower can benefit many people, but it can also pose a serious threat if it isn't maintained. Rust can weaken an unprotected tower, and electrical interference may cause your customers to shop elsewhere. If you would like to learn more, or if you need to schedule a painting appointment, contact a provider in your area today.

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