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Why More And More People Are Making The Switch To Private Jets

Over the years, many of the most exclusive luxuries have become more and more available as technology gets better and more economical. While a private jet charter is still something that is out of reach of many, it is more affordable than you might think considering it used to be solely the playground of billionaires. Nowadays, more and more regular Americans are trying out private jets and planes for a variety of different reasons. Here are a few ways you can justify making the switch to a private jet charter in the near future and how it can change your whole perspective on this form of transport.

Quick Getaways

While it can still cost tens of thousands of dollars to charter a jet for an international trip due to how far away most countries are from America, for quicker getaways and holiday escapes a private plane charter just makes sense. You skip all of that time that would otherwise be spent in lines at the airport, you actually enjoy the flight, it is over much quicker, and you get to spend more time at your destination than you otherwise would. The great thing is that so many private jet charter companies offer great specials for popular destinations so it is even cheaper than you might expect.

Business Only

If you are someone who values your time and efficiency over most other traits, then a private jet charter is the only way to travel for domestic business trips. Not only is it comparable in price to many business or first-class flights on major airlines (especially for shorter trips), but you get so much more out of it. There are practically no disturbances, so you can work the whole way, you get your own menu ready for you so that you know you will enjoy what you eat, and you cut down on your overall travel time. The best part is that you can often write it off as a business expense because that is what it is.

Exclusive Experience

If you just want to have a taste of the private jet lifestyle, then that can be arranged too. Some private charter operators offer one or two hour-long flights that circle popular cities to give you a sense of how the other half lives. If you are someone who likes to give experiences as presents rather than physical objects, then including a private jet charter for a loved one's birthday is a great option that they would never expect and would remember for a lifetime. 

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