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Need To Purchase A High-Pressure Pump? 3 Types To Choose From

If you need to purchase a high-pressure pump you need to make sure you purchase the right type. Using the wrong pressure pump on a pump system will result in it not working hard enough or working too hard, as well as can cause problems with the pump system itself. Keep reading to learn about three types that you can choose from.

Direct Flow Plunger High-Pressure Pump

If you need to have high pressure a direct flow plunger pump will work well for you. This type of pump has a lot of options to choose from. For example, the manifold could be made of stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, nickel, or brass. This type of pump is used for a variety of drive options, such as standard belt drive, gearbox, and direct drive. 

With this type of high-pressure pump, the movement of the plunger is what draws the water through an inlet valve. There is an upstroke that then expels the water through the outlet valve. Both valves direct the flow of water that goes through the pump and also prevent backflow from happening. 

Piston High-Pressure Pump

Another type you can choose is a piston high-pressure pump. This is the right type if you only need medium pressure or if you do not have a suction inlet. As long as the pump is primed correctly, there is a much lower risk of problems with backflow. Because these pumps can only handle medium pressure, they are often used for installing belt drives. 

The piston high-pressure pump has a piston cup and an oscillation mechanism. This is what causes different pressures and also fills the pump with water. An upstroke is then used to force the pump fluid out of the pump to be used. 

Centrifugal High-Pressure Pump

A centrifugal high-pressure pump is designed to move fluid using rotational energy from impellers, also known as drive rotors. There may be more than one impeller, depending on the pump that you purchase. This type of pump is used for pumping water, bases, acids, oils, organics, solvents, and other thin liquids. It is used by industrial, agricultural, and domestic companies. 

With this high-pressure pump fluid enters through the rotating impeller. Centrifugal force is then used to move the water to the pump outlet. They are often used if you need lower-pressure settings. 

Talk with a company that sells high-pressure pumps to learn about the different types.

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